Learn colors in Spanish and have fun with Bingo. Includes 11-cards with drag and drop markers.

This resource includes:

  • 11 different Digital Bingo Boards
  • Drag and Drop buttons to use as bingo markers
  • Pictures to use for calling

How to Use this Colors Digital Bingo Game:

  • Assign the cards to each student so he/she is able to drag and drop the bingo markers (buttons) to cover the pictures.
  • The students can be assigned a card number or students can choose a card to be their gameboards.
  • The teacher will call out the cards and the students will drag and drop the buttons to cover the pictures to get three in a row to win.
  • Students can change to a different card and play over and over.

This digital bingo game can be used:

  • Face-to-Face Classroom using digital devices
  • Hybrid Classrooms
  • Virtual Classrooms

This interactive digital resource will keep your students actively engaged.