Spanish Prepositions of Place

Self-checking Spanish Prepositions of Place activity using Google Sheets ★ INCLUDED 1 page Google Sheets 32 sentences for practicing the use of Prepositions of Place. Key is included. ★ HOW IT WORKS Students enter their responses in the answer section. Correct answers will change color. Incorrect response will remain RED. You Read more…

Read and Color

Read the sentence in each box and color the given picture to match the sentence. This activity works best if used with PearDeck. YOU MUST HAVE A PREMIUM PEAR DECK ACCOUNT TO USE THIS RESOURCE. This is a great way to teach and make it interactive and engaging for your Read more…

Ser vs Estar

We use ser to describe: Someone or something’s nature or identity (Permanent) Time and events We use estar to describe:  Someone or something’s temporary state Someone or something’s location. This activity can be used with or without Peardeck.

El Mundo de Rigoberta Menchu

Proceso 1 A.  Formar grupos de 3 para explorar los temas del mundo de Rigoberta Menchú en Guatemala.  Los grupos identificarán tres preguntas sobre el tema.  Cada grupo navegará los sitios en internet y hacer una presentación de PowerPoint de 5 minutos para la clase.  Las preguntas formarán la organización Read more…

Todo Sobre Mi

This is a great activity for the beginning or any time of the school year! You can assign it to your students on Google Classroom, Canvas, Seesaw or share the link for Google Slides. This is a great way to learn more about your students.