The Conditional in Spanish

Regular Conditional Verbs As with the future tense, we don’t need to bother removing the “-ar,” “-er,” or “-ir” endings when conjugating in the conditional. We use the entire infinitive as our stem. And again, it doesn’t matter what kind of verb it is. Every verb uses these endings: “-ar” Read more…

Dibuja y colorea

In this coloring activity the students let their imaginations fly while they exercise their coloring skills. Objective I can use art as a means of expression. Iframes not supported

Alphabet game

Mono Japi has many things in his store, but sometimes he doesn’t know which letter they start with. Do you want to help him? Objective I can recognize the letters of the alphabet.I can identify the initial letters in a list of words. Iframes not supported

Uses of the Verb Estar

In Spanish, estar is used to express, Emotion State of Health, Temporary, and location. Use Estar to Express Emotions Estar is used to express how a person feels at a specific moment. Juan está feliz. (Juan is happy.) Los hombres están muy cansados. (The men are very tired.) ¿Estas molesto conmigo? (Are you mad at Read more…