70 Cuentos cortos

70 cuentos cortos y comprensión lectora, con el que podremos poner en practica la lectura en los niños y niñas. Cada cuento corto, contiene preguntas de comprensión lectora  y fomentar así la atención al leer.

Mi rutina diaria worksheet

Mi rutina diaria practice: read, match and write. This set has 5 different worksheets No Answer key included. This Packet includes the following: • Match the Words and Images • Read & answer • Ask partner questions and compare daily routine. Hope you find them useful in your own classrooms!

Conjugating Present Tense Regular Verbs

Self-checking Conjugating Present Tense Regular Verbs activity using Google Sheets ★ INCLUDED 1 page Google Sheets (20 verbs) ★ HOW IT WORKS Students enter their answers in the STEM and ENDING column. If the answers are correct, they will change color. Color RED appears for incorrect answers. You can quickly assign each Read more…